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Tom Lunneborg


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  • Nutrition Industry Expert for 20 years
  • Formulated over 20 unique nutritional products
  • Published nutrition industry contributor
  • Passionate advocate for safe and ethical nutrition supplements

About Tom

Tom is passionate about nutrition and how important it is to our society today. Food isn’t what it used to be. Studies have shown that the nutrient content in food continues to decrease from over farming. It is important to supplement to ensure our bodies are performing at their best. It is also crucial that they are formulated to matter. Tom’s philosophy is that the ingredient matters, but so does the actual levels of the active ingredient. It isn’t about a sprinkle her or a sprinkle there to be able to say it on a label. It is about creating real results for people, which led him to his passion of educating the consumer so that they are making the best choices.

About Oxyfresh

For our superfood nutritional products, we focus on core nutritional needs by using the best ingredients available that work at the cellular level to give you an awesome vibe, feed your mind and fuel you body. You’ll just feel … the difference. You’ll have more natural energy, better mood, your skin will glow, and you’ll just feel good.

Every product we create passes through strict quality standards to ensure you are always receiving the best quality. We partner with expert laboratories to certify our products are safe, proven and effective.

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Quick Guide on Lutein for Eye Health

Remember when mom always told us to eat our carrots because it would help us see better? Turns out, she was right! That’s because carrots contain lutein for eyes, helping protect us from vision loss. Even though we often associate vision loss with seniors, this is generally a slow process that takes place over many

Oxyfresh - Because You Matter - About Us

What Is the Healthiest Vegan Protein Powder for 2021?

So you’ve vowed to shake up your health and fitness this year – that’s awesome! You’ve got your dumbbells, resistance bands, and Blender Bottle ready to go. Now comes the tricky part: selecting a vegan protein powder to support your goals. With so many options, choosing a protein powder can be more difficult than a

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5 Reasons Spray Air Fresheners Are Bad for You

It’s nearly impossible to escape the stink of air freshener spray these days. They’re everywhere! In homes, hotel rooms, businesses, and sitting atop the toilets in almost every public restroom. Are these fragrance-heavy room fresheners harmless? Or are we secretly sabotaging our health when we’re around them? Keep reading to discover 5 reasons spray air

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What Is the Best Plant-Based Protein Powder for Weight Loss?

If you’re looking to curb sugar cravings, steer clear of the fast-food line, and drop a few pounds this season, it’s important to have a game plan – one that’s doable and won’t feel like torture (cabbage soup diet, we’re talking to you.) Adding a plant-based shake to your daily routine is a smart choice,

Oxyfresh - Because You Matter - About Us

Best Cleansing Protein Shake

No matter what the marketing hype, when it comes to cleansing and detoxing our bodies, there’s no magic pill, tea, or elixir that can – poof! – make everything all better. To truly support our body’s natural detoxification system, it’s all about winning the nutrition game. GMOs, artificial flavors, salt, sweets, alcohol and chemicals are

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Lia Ditton Sets New World Record for Solo Rowing … (And Drank VIBE Vegan Protein Shakes on Her Journey!)

On September 12, 2020, Lia Ditton set the Guinness World Record as the fastest woman to row solo from the west coast of the U.S. to Hawaii. She spent 86 days, 10 hours, 5 minutes and 54 seconds out at sea, her only company the yellowfin tuna faithfully shadowing the path of her rowboat. For

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Simple Tricks for Better Cold and Flu Season Immune Support

We’re all familiar with the worry of “Oh no, I’m getting sick!” the minute a sniffle or scratch in the back of the throat hits us. And now more than ever, we need the absolute best cold and flu season immune support. Besides the obvious tips – more sleep, less junk food, better handwashing –

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Best Eco-Friendly Home Deodorizer

Whether it’s a kitchen that smells like rotten garbage or a bathroom that smells like, well, you know, when you have bad household odors, you want them gone, fast! Rather than reaching for a home deodorizer that just mixes and mingles with the original scent (not pleasant at all!) and contributes to unhealthy air, check

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How to Stay Focused When Working From Home

Do you often find that you have a lack of fo … of foc … hey, look at that cat video! If a lack of FOCUS is keeping you from doing your best work at home, you’re not alone. This break from the ordinary has made it hard for many of us to crack down

Oxyfresh - Because You Matter - About Us

3 Vitamins for a Quick Immune System Boost

You know those days when you feel run down and just a bit, well, BLAH?? It can definitely make our minds spiral: Am I getting sick? Is my immune system strong enough? Should I google my symptoms? (Never a good idea!) Now more than ever, we all want the peace of mind of a strong immune system

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