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Best Eco-Friendly Home DeodorizerBest Eco-Friendly Home Deodorizer

Whether it’s a kitchen that smells like rotten garbage or a bathroom that smells like, well, you know, when you have bad household odors, you want them gone, fast! Rather than reaching for a home deodorizer that just mixes and mingles with the original scent (not pleasant at all!) and contributes to unhealthy air, check out Oxyfresh Deodorizer, an eco friendly deodorizer that’s a favorite of homeowners around the globe. Here are 3 reasons you’ll love it too …

#1. No Artificial Fragrances

There’s a reason many home deodorizers give people headaches, nausea, respiratory issues or even long-term health problems – it’s because of the “fragrance” inside. This one seemingly innocent word on a product label can be hiding a host of toxic chemicals. In fact, a study by BCPP revealed that 75% of the toxic chemicals in a test of 140 cleaning and personal care products came from the “fragrance.”

oxyfresh deodorizer for a healthy home

Oxyfresh Deodorizer is peace of mind in a bottle. It’s 100% non-toxic, and you won’t see the sneaky word “fragrance” on our label. The light minty scent in this deodorizer for home (and office!) is courtesy of natural peppermint and spearmint leaf oils for a fresh smell you can feel good about.

#2. Neutralizes Bad Household Odors Completely

Many home deodorizers simply mask unpleasant smells with their own strong scents, creating funky odor combinations that will make you want to hold your nose. Oxyfresh Deodorizer is totally unique because of our proprietary, 100% non-toxic odor-neutralizing ingredient that eliminates the odor completely with no by-products produced into the air. It works in just 60 seconds to get rid of odors of all kinds, from the bathroom to the kitchen and beyond.

#3. Nod from Mother Nature

Our eco-friendly deodorizer is crafted responsibly with no harmful ingredients like Volatile Organic Compounds, phthalates, benzene, toluene, formaldehyde, etc., substances that are bad for the environment and our own bodies. Our non-aerosol spray bottle is recyclable, along with all of our packaging. It may be a while though before you have to head toward the recycling bin – one spray goes a long way in freshening everything in your home.

Try Oxyfresh All-Purpose Deodorizer and you’ll quickly see why it’s simply the best eco-friendly deodorizer, ever!

P.S. Want to know what else you can do to improve the air in your home? Check out these house cleaning tips for a greener home.

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