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You're the fitness and nutrient conscious, live out loud kind who stays up to date on all the latest health trends. You have come to the right place. We know you don't like to sit for long, so we condensed the newest research to give you a brain boost and get you back to doing what you love. Enjoy!


Does a NEW YEAR mean a NEW YOU?

Have you declared to shed pounds, kick the cravings and feel great? If you’re like us, you will launch your New Year’s resolutions committed and on point, but what happens when the honeymoon of the holiday season winds down and the reality of life catches up with your NEW YEAR, NEW YOU Plan?

According to Statistic Brain Research Institute:

– 45% of the population make a New Year’s Resolution
– 92% of the population don’t achieve their resolutions

We want you to be one of the ONLY 8% that sticks to your resolutions. To help you win your fight, here are 3 powerful tips to help you fight your urges and crush your cravings.

Massage it out
Relieving tension via acupressure points helps regulate the hypothalamus, the part of your brain that controls hunger and stress hormones. To curb your urge to eat, use both hands to massage both sides of the spine where your hairline meets your neck. Do it for 2 to 3 minutes.

Give Someone a Hug
Hugs and other kinds of physical affection release oxytocin, a feel-good chemical that counters stress hormones to make you feel happy and calm – and less likely to seek comfort from food! Aim for 6 to 8 hugs daily that last an ambitious 10 to 20 seconds each.

Seek Solace in a Screen
Playing Tetris on your smartphone for as little as 3 minutes can reduce the strength of food cravings by 25%! The aptly named Candy Crush should do the trick as well … as does anything that absorbs you in the task at hand and keeps your mind off your coworker’s chocolate stash.

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