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You're the fitness and nutrient conscious, live out loud kind who stays up to date on all the latest health trends. You have come to the right place. We know you don't like to sit for long, so we condensed the newest research to give you a brain boost and get you back to doing what you love. Enjoy!

Food Alone May Not Be EnoughFood Alone May Not Be Enough

Maybe you’ve had a sneaking suspicion that your diet isn’t nutritious enough no matter which choices you make. And you might be right about that.

New studies indicate that the food people eat may not have enough micronutrients to prevent deficiencies. While this isn’t exactly a new claim, the studies may show for the first time exactly how and why the food people eat doesn’t cover the daily spectrum of micronutrients needed for optimal health.

The studies also prove that 99 percent of adults don’t get enough micronutrients from a modern diet. One of the most prominent talking points refers to the way past generations ate years ago. They subsisted on a much smaller variety of food, and modern people would probably starve if they only ate what those people used to eat.

The soil doesn’t allow for the growth of nutritious fruits and vegetables as much as it did in the past. And cows and chickens aren’t fed healthy foods like they were in the past as well. If the food people eat today is less nutritious, then what can be done about the lack of healthy food available today?

Elite athletes and sedentary individuals were all polled to inquire about their diets. Some of the most interesting findings indicate that healthy diets probably aren’t as healthy as people think. Even if you choose numerous foods with wide varieties of micronutrients, your body won’t get everything it needs.

This may present a problem for you. How will you get the healthy nutrients you need if you can’t get them all from food? What happens if you continue to live your life with vitamin and mineral deficiencies because of your diet?

The findings could also indicate another issue. If people know they need to eat more food to get the nutrients they need, then they might consume too many calories.

Excessive consumption of calories leads to weight gain, and obesity is one of the world’s greatest issues in modern times. So it is a delicate balance between eating enough nutrients while eating the proper amount of calories. Time will tell what occurs as a result of this balance.

Read more about this in Bill Misner’s article called “Food Alone May Not Provide Sufficient Micronutrients for Preventing Deficiency” where he discusses the question “Does food selection alone provide 100% of the former RDA or newer RDI micronutrient recommended daily requirement?”. Click here to read this article…

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