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Treat Your Wallet to a MakeoverTreat Your Wallet to a Makeover

Want to change your spending habits? It starts with the shape of your wallet!

If you think about it, you interact with your wallet multiple times per day. Well, what if taking just a few minutes to make over your wallet could improve your spending habits? Would that be worth it to you?

Learn how to give your wallet a makeover and save some green with these simple tips …

Use the Bill Holder
Keep cash in the pocket that was designed to hold your cash. Organize bills from smallest to largest, facing forward and orderly. This honors their value so you’ll be more aware of how much money you have and how much you’re spending each day. Plus, you’ll love speeding through all those checkout lines!

Pare Down
It seems like every store or restaurant you frequent now offers a rewards or punch card. The danger of this is you bulk up your wallet with punch cards you will most likely NEVER use again!

Keep punch cards at home or in another safe location. If you leave home knowing you intend to swing by your fave lunch spot, grab the card and enjoy the savings. Otherwise, leave the sandwich “buy 10, get 1 free” card behind.

Lose the Paper
Got receipts? Grocery lists? Ditch them or organize them elsewhere. They are taking up valuable real estate in your wallet and creating clutter. If a store offers e-receipts, try it out.

Pinch Pennies
If your pocketbook doesn’t have a coin pouch, save the change in a designated jar at home. You’ll be amazed at how quickly it fills up. Once it gets full, take the coins to a coin machine to exchange them for bills or a gift card. Or, take your jar straight to the bank and deposit the cash into your savings or checking account. You’ll find that every penny truly does count!

Keep Your Wallet in Good Condition
We know you LOVE your wallet. You couldn’t imagine a better wallet. But sorry to say, if you have tears or rips, the time has come to invest in a new wallet so things don’t start falling out of it! Don’t worry – there’s another wallet out there to suit your needs and style, and you’ll soon be in love all over again!

Go Digital
Are you a tech geek? Want to test new waters and embrace technology? There are apps for you! Apps, such as CardStar and eWallet, securely store your card information so you can ditch your wallet or slim it down significantly.

Treat your wallet to a makeover today (no messy nail polish needed!). It takes mere minutes, and you’ll be treating yourself to extra green and a more organized life. Ah, relaxing! 

Article inspired by: How to Make Over Your Wallet by Heidi Wachter. Featured in Experience L!FE. May 2016.

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